Instagram Contest

5-pounds of Udder Putty: similar to Silly Putty

What would you do with 5 lbs. of Udder Putty?

Post a Fun Photo to Instagram for a chance to win one of five 5-pound blocks of Udder Putty.

(This actually doesn't come from a cow's udder--that would be gross.)

We will post the winning pictures to our Instagram account, so go follow HayloftStuff on Instagram if you don't already.

We decided to draw names. To get your Instagram user name in the hat just do this:

Step 1 

Visit the iTunes app store and download "Fun Photos Gurdy Edition."

The app allows anyone to take or import photos, then photo bomb them with pictures of our cow, Gurdy, the farmer, the Milk Man and other fun stickers. Unlock new stickers to increase your odds of winning.

Step 2

Use the app to post a Fun Photo to Instagram with the hashtag #udderputty.

Don't forget the hashtag. Your picture must include the Fun Photos watermark in the bottom lefthand corner. 

Step 3

Repeat step two.*

Every photo you post and tag (#udderputty) will be entered in the drawing. Buy additional stickers and use those to post to Instagram. In-app purchases get you 3x the number of entries. *Improve your odds with unlocked stickers, but free downloads still have a shot.


What is Fun Photos?

It's an app we built that goes with our children's book, toy, and mobile game. It was a fun little project. 

Fun Photos Gurdy and Friends Edition

 Is the app free?

Yes, but we encourage you to tap an advertisement or buy stickers once you've downloaded the app. What's a $1 when you have a shot at winning 5 pounds of putty? Download it here.


How can I improve my odds of winning?

Buy stickers in the app, tag your friends and family when you post photos to Instagram. Pictures with tags will be counted 2x. 


Is the drawing random?

Yep. We're using a top secret government (not really) algorithm in a spreadsheet to generate and select random numbers. Each number is tied not only to your Instagram account, but a different number for every image you post. 


How do I know whether or not I won? 

We're going to make a big deal about it on Instagram. We'll post the winning Fun Photos to our Instagram account, so go follow HayloftStuff. The winners we be contacted directly so we can get a mailing address and ship a ridiculously large box of putty.


When does the contest end?

It's leap year. February 29th, 2016 is the deadline to post your Fun Photo to Instagram. Winners will be announced one or two weeks later. 


Why are you running this contest?

Honestly, we want as many people as possible to download and use this app at least one time. Actually, more than once. Unlock all the stickers. Our four-year-old thinks putting a mustache on anything is the funniest thing she's ever seen. It's awesome. You gotta try it. 

Udder Putty, it's pretty silly.