Games reinforce life lessons October 21 2014

When we started Hayloft the only product we had was a mobile game. Now we have several, but along the way we realized parents (we) need an easier way to say, "Put the phone away." In fact, we started to theorize, postulate, and philosophize about alternatives.

Give kids options. Kids really like seeing familiar characters in different settings. So why not write a children's book that includes a valuable life lesson...and thematically tie it to to our mobile game? If anything Disney shows us children enjoy moving from toy to book or book to clothes within the same character experience. They take it to crazy new heights.

We needed a simple book with a straight forward message that children can comprehend. We wanted the book to serve as a foundation, while giving children the same options to explore imaginative play, skill development and yes, mindless game play. Now when your child puts down a book to play a game those lessons learned are reinforced with every Boing! Bam! and Splat!