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Hayloft curates, sells, and recommends toys, apps, and books for busy moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, friends and total strangers. Today we offer a playtime ecosystem that spans toys, books and apps. Our goal is to introduce new characters, make interactive experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital, then expand into video and cartoons.

We are proud to be a part of the Barefoot Books family as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. This is just one more way we're able to help you connect with stories that entertain, educate and engage children of all ages. Our Barefoot Blog reviews and recommends books. We offer select titles on our Hayloft website or you can click here to browse the entire Barefoot Books catalog. 

We are so committed to the long-term success of Hayloft that we are actually growing our own focus group. Our test subjects are three, five, and seven years old. The focus group includes two girls and one boy. This in-home petri dish of human interaction gives us the ability to observe kids and test toys, apps, books and more in there natural habitat. We put a premium on well-developed games, books, and activities that promote valuable life lessons.




Lisel Simmons, Co-founder

Lisel works in the fields of human psychology, early childhood development, logistics, ombudsman and resource management. She's a mom. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Development, which pairs nicely with her day-to-day duties as mother of three. She soon discovered that farm animals and children share some of the same characteristics. She gained valuable retail experience while at Tiffany & Co. in both sales and managerial roles. Little did she know, but her familiarity with both animal psychology and high-end retail would lead her to the top of a dynamic company. Her three children continue to be integral to Hayloft's success.